2019 RCYC VxOne Season Championship Series Trophy 


Awarded to the eligible RCYC VX ONE yacht accumulating the lowest total points over the entire season in the designated events. This is a season long series and doesn’t impact the results for individual VX ONE events that also form part of the season series. 


Eligible Yachts, All RCYC VX ONE yachts owned by one or more RCYC members are eligible for the trophy.


The low point scoring system will be used for the 2019 season. As the fleet continues to grow the RCYC may use the high point scoring methodology in subsequent years. 


Scoring will be by hull number. While each event in 2019 RCYC VX OINE Season Championship Series may have helm and crew continuity rules , there are no continuity’s rules for the overall 2019 RCYC VX ONE Season Championship Series. For greater certainty The helm and crew doesn’t have to be the same in each of the 2019 RCYC VX ONESeason Championship Series events. 


Event scoring will be based upon final placing of an eligible boat in each of the 2019 RCYC VX ONE Season Championship Series events.  There will be no drops. 


A hull not participating in one of the 2019 RCYC VX ONE Season Championship Series events will be scored with points equal to the competitors competing in such event plus one point. 


The 2019 RCYC VX ONE Season Championship Series will be comprised of the following designated events. 


Thursday night spring series

Thursday night summer series 

Thursday night fall series 


RCYC VxOne Summer Regatta 

RCYC Club Championships

VxOne Canadian Championship 

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